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- Frequently Asked Questions -
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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes your work from someone else's?

Our wedding videos look and sound professional, with a creative touch. Content-rich cinematography captures the decisive moments of interest, and crisp editing brings them out. You get absorbed in the wedding movie like you do when you're watching a good film at a movie theatre.

What is the difference between your higher priced packages and the lower priced ones?

Our higher priced packages are distinguished by longer, more intensive coverage, additional add-on options, and additional editing.

Do I really need my wedding professionally recorded?

Contemporary informed brides hold professional digital cinematography in high esteem. After-wedding surveys reveal that those who had their weddings filmed professionally consider it an excellent investment, while those who failed to do so are often regretful. One of the biggest regrets some couples experience after their wedding is over is the decision to trust an amateur to capture the most important day in their lives.

Would it be possible to customize a package? Yes, absolutely! Any package may be customized for your unique requirements.

What type of equipment do you use?

Glad that you asked! We are now in our third year of filming with Super 35 sensor 4k and Micro Four-Thirds 4K digital film cameras. We use a Sennheiser broadcast-quality UHF diversity (high-frequency) wireless lavalier microphone system at every wedding. We also use professional Sennheiser and Rode wired microphones to record sound. We edit using professional computer edit systems that are custom-built from the ground up (by Jim, who loves building gaming computers, though not a gamer himself) to handle huge files.

Don't you use bright, blinding lights?

No. Our cameras work well in low-light situations, so we don't need to use additional lighting, and we almost never use lights at the ceremony. We may use a small 16 watt light at the reception to enhance the images.

Won't the videographer(s) be obtrusive and disruptive?

No. We're always complimented on our low-key, unobtrusive approach to capturing the wedding day, and on our professionalism as well. Many couples tell us they forgot we were even there! We believe that the focus should be on the two of you, not us. We'll also work closely with your wedding coordinator, photographer, DJ or band, and other vendors. We always make sure that we are not interfering with another vendor or with the guests.

Won't there be extension cords, bright lights, cables and accessories that some guests may find uncomfortable?

No. We operate on battery power for the entire day, and use wireless microphones, so there are no cables, wires or accessories to make a guest feel uncomfortable. We respect both you, the other vendors and your guests, and do our best to make sure that everyone is comfortable with us.

What if my church has restrictions on video?

We will work within the guidelines set by your church with regard to videography, and pay the utmost respect to them. We appreciate it if you are able to notify us well in advance of these restrictions, so that we can plan accordingly. If your church will not allow your ceremony to be recorded, we offer a reception-only A La Carte package that's affordable.

Do you use wireless microphones?

We use high-frequency, UHF wireless lavalier microphone systems, plus on-camera microphones (referred to as "shotgun" mikes for their ability to focus on the sound and eliminate noise). This results in clear sound in your wedding movie. Usually the groom wears one small lavalier microphone (which picks up sound during the vows and rings exchange). Many grooms want to remove the mic after the ceremony, which is fine. If they want to leave it on, we will use it to capture toasts and speeches during the reception. The on-camera microphone(s) provide back-up for the ceremony, and the main sound during the reception. We sometimes also plug a wireless transmitter into the DJ or band's sound board at the reception for enhanced sound, as long as it's okay with them.

When does your coverage start?

We usually arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony, and begin filming shortly after. If Bride/Groom preparations are included, we'll normally arrive at the "getting ready" location(s) at about the same time as the photographer.

Do you bring back-up equipment?

Yes. We always have at least one back-up digital camera, as well as plenty of extra batteries, memory cards, microphones, etc.

How much does it cost?

Package pricing for a full featured edited video starts at just $1,250. There's no better value available for this level of quality.

Will the DVD be compatible with my DVD player? Can I get my wedding movie on a USB Drive instead?

Our Standard DVDs (DVD-R or DVD+R) are compatible with most DVD players. Our Blu-Ray DVDs are compatible with most Blu-Ray players. We recommend purchasing a Blu-Ray player, Sony Playstation, or other device that will play Blu-Ray DVDs, so that you can watch your wedding movie in High Definition. Blu-Ray players can often be purchased for as little as $50. If you prefer your wedding film on a jump drive to watch on your computer, we'll put your Hi-Def wedding film on a USB jump drive for you instead.

I don't have a Blu-Ray or DVD player. How will I watch my wedding movie?

We'll put your wedding movie on a USB jump drive for you. We will render your video in Windows Media Video, Quicktime, or other computer file format. We usually formmat the drive to exFAT, so that it is playable on both Windows PCs and Macs. Your wedding movie will appear just like any other file on your computer.

When will my finished wedding movie be ready?

The time frame is anywhere from 2-12 weeks after the event. Generally speaking, the time frame is shorter in the the winter months and longer in the summer months (wedding season).

How much is the deposit?

25% of the package cost.

Is the deposit included in the total cost?

Yes, it is. The deposit holds the date. The balance is then due by the wedding date.

On your website, the samples have a JMN Productions logo at the bottom of the screen. Will this be in my wedding video?

No, the logo will not appear in your wedding video.

Do all of your packages include two camera ceremony coverage?


Can I get the raw footage?

Yes, you can. Just provide us with an external hard drive to put the footage on. We recommend at least a 250GB drive.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due by the day of the wedding.

How many minutes long will my edited DVD be?

It depends on the length of your ceremony and reception. Each wedding is unique, so there is no hard and fast rule. Catholic full mass weddings are usually longer than Justice of the Peace weddings. On average, the length varies from about 40 minutes to 90 minutes.

What are Pre-ceremony and Pre-Reception montages?

These montages serve as introductions to the ceremony and reception respectively. They create a sense of excitement or anticipation about what is to follow. They may include, but are not limited to, location shots, decorations shots, guest arrivals, parent arrivals, groom and groomsmen arrivals and bride and bridesmaid arrivals. In the case of the ceremony, they usually include guests walking in and being seated, and in the case of the reception, they usually include cocktail hour. They may include guests speaking on camera, offering congratulations, best wishes, words of wisdom, etc.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, credit card, debit card or PayPal.

How do I make a debit or credit card payment?

Let us know your email address and we will send you an invoice for online payment through PayPal, a secure online payment site. The process is simple and you will receive a confirmation email.

How will the videographers be dressed?

We usually wear a black or dark gray dress shirt and dress pants, with a black suit jacket.